Republic, Missouri Unamended Christadelphians



In regards to the

North American Statement of Understanding





Dear Brethren of the Unamended Christadelphian Community,



After considering for many months the wording and implications of the North American Statement of Understanding dated November 2001 as well as reading the follow up NASU newsletters, we the members of the Republic, Missouri Unamended Christadelphian Ecclesia wish to respectfully but clearly state that we are not satisfied that the NASU accurately and clearly demonstrates unity of belief between the Unamended and Amended communities.  We are convinced that the NASU does not truthfully exhibit or fully express our beliefs nor the traditional beliefs and interests of the Unamended Community on matters related to and found under the headings of Adamic Condemnation, The Lord’s Involvement in His Own Sacrifice, In Adam/In Christ, and Resurrectional Responsibility.


Though there is little written under the first three headings that we can point to as error, what the Statement of Understanding does not clearly mention, explain, or altogether omits are of serious concern to us in relation to Alienation, Justification from the results of Adam’s sin, Christ’s own relationship to Adamic Condemnation, and the efficacy of baptism.  The purpose of such a statement as the NASU should be to provide clear and specific clarification on matters of misunderstanding but we see the NASU as only contributing more ambiguity to the long-standing disagreement between the Amended and Unamended communities.   Under the heading of “Resurrectional Responsibility” we find the language to be little more then a rewording and positive endorsement of the Amended position as found in Clause 24 of the BASF.  Furthermore, we do not agree with the statement made in the NASU (Section 3, p.6) that both the Amended and Unamended statements “represent a true and common definition of the One Faith”.  Though the two statements are in fact similar it has been demonstrated time and time again that the opposing views provided by the BASF and BUSF in regards to “Responsibility” have extremely serious ramifications as to how our two communities understand vital aspects of the Atonement.  We contend that the BASF is in serious error and incompatible with the position presented in the BUSF.


It is therefore our conclusion that we cannot and will not endorse the North American Statement of Understanding as a valid vehicle for true unity.  Our basis of fellowship (ecclesial and inter-ecclesial) will remain exclusively on the Unamended Birmingham Statement of Faith and we welcome all whom fellowship solely on this basis.  It is our hope that the Unamended community might not be troubled with this matter any further and that we might be allowed to pursue the effort to strengthen our community upon the principles of Truth that our Fellowship has always contended for, working to worship our Heavenly Father “in spirit and in truth”.



Your Brothers and Sisters of the Republic Ecclesia,    


Herb and Janet Thomas                        Joel Thomas                        Dorothy Erickson

Aaron and Stacie Thomas              Laura Preble