Our Hope In Verse


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,

     Ye saints of God most high:

Double hath she received; and now

     Redemption draweth nigh.


On that fair spot the eyes of God

     Are fixed with jealous care;

It pleased Him well, He hath declared;

     “His dwelling place is there.”


On Mount Moriah’s virgin soil,

     Abram, God’s favor won:

The Father of the faithful there

     Offered his only son.


The patriarch from God, received,

     Reward for that noble deed;

The promise of inheritance,

     And blessing through his “seed.”


And there again, in after years,

     Jesus was crucified:

The precious blood of God’s own Son,

     That promise, ratified.


There the God of heaven decreed,

     And swore by Self alone;

David should never want a man

     To sit upon his throne.


King David’s son built God an house

     Of polished stones and gold:

Tradition says, ‘twas on the spot

      Where Abram stood of old.


The throne we see long since cast down,

     The house no longer stands;

His people scattered far and wide,

     Strangers in other lands.


Then what becomes of faith and hope

     In such a time as this;

 Why hath God given grief and woe

     When He had promised bliss?


The answer, friend, a lesson holds

     That we should heed to-day:

It was because of unbelief

     They’ve fallen by the way.


Hath God forsaken Israel then,

     The people He foreknew?

Oh no, but through their lack of faith,

     Salvation comes to you.


“The Son of Righteousness shall rise,

     With healing in His beams:”

And through Great David’s Greater Son,

     God’s mercy ever gleams.


He shall return and right the wrongs,

     Wherewith the nations groan:

With might restore the former wastes;

     And set up David’s throne.


The humbled seed of Israel then

     No more their God shall mock;

He that scattered will guide and keep,

     As shepherd doth his flock.


Jerusalem, though long oppressed,

     A blessing then shall be:

The promised seed of Abraham

     Shall ride from sea to sea.


All nations shall submit to Him,

     All war and strife shall cease;

For on Mount Zion with power supreme,

     Shall reign “The Prince of Peace.”


Jerusalem shall then be called

      The throne of God most High:

Ephraim there with Judah dwell,

      And Gentile nations nigh.


They shall go up, from year to year,

     To praise the God of Heav’n;

And worship in the Temple there

     For all the blessings given.


Ye that call on Jehovah’s name

     Oh give your God no rest,

Until He make Jerusalem

     The joy of nations blest.


Pray for th’ peace of Jerusalem,

     She shall no more transgress;

From that day forth her name shall be

     The Lord our Righteousness.




From the January, 1907

Christadelphian Advocate