The Bondage of Corruption

and Deliverance




All men are in Adam naturally - held in the bondage of corruption on account of descent from a condemned progenitor - and should they die in that condition they will be for ever held in the power of the grave; death's dominion over them will be complete and unending.  "They shall sleep a perpetual sleep and not awake."  But should they hear the gospel of the kingdom of God and learn the things which tell about the Lord Jesus Christ and thereupon be baptized, they pass from under Adam and from the condemnation of death into Christ and become new creatures.  Being made free in this manner from the law of sin and death, they become the servants of righteousness, and as such, during the remainder of their life, they are bound to serve Christ.  If they are obedient servants they will, on Christ's coming again, receive eternal life, become like He is, a glorious spirit man, incorruptible and powerful, full of knowledge and beauty.  If disobedient servants they will at the same time as the obedient ones receive the reward, receive the fruit of their wickedness, which is the second death or everlasting destruction - complete obliteration from the universe of God."

[emphasis added, A.T.]


        J.U. Robertson, Advocate 1887, pages 273,274