Why is their trouble among



Christadelphian Advocate

August, 1886 Editorial



We have, during the last nine weeks, made a hurried tour among the brethren scattered abroad, south, east, and north. On the whole, the meeting with those of like precious faith in so many localities, has been one of great pleasure and, we might add, profit to us. We hope too, the pleasure and profit have been mutual. Generally speaking, the Ecclesias are living in as good spiritual atmosphere as can be expected in this day of floating clouds which carry contagious wherever they go. Go where one will, in this evil age, trouble in one form or other is to be met with. One day a cloud will burst upon us like a mighty tornado, and leave behind it confusion and consternation. We go to work and gather up the fragments, set everything back in proper order as best we can, and then give a sigh of relief, that once more a calm has come; and we begin to think, now we may expect to glide along in peace; and bathe in the sunshine of the Deity’s blessings. But alas! No sooner have we conceived the thought than it is met with disappointment - causing in many cases, despair which results in some falling by the way. But how vain, to expect exemption from storms and tempest in such a political, social, and religious climate as we live in! Evil in every conceivable form is the order of the day, the world over; east, west, north, south it is the same, and why? It is because “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” The words, “Thro’ much tribulation we must enter the kingdom, explain the entire situation. These words would have been uttered in vain if peace and harmony were found everywhere the truth is found.


Some ask, “Why is it that Christadelphians have trouble among themselves?” This is easily answered. Among them is a people who love the truth, and in whose “good and honest hearts” the seed of the kingdom has taken root. They will have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; they will not compromise the fundamental principles of the gospel; and so whenever there it is found that there are evil men and seducers in the camp, there is a collision - there is war, the spirit in the one, warring against the flesh in the other. This trouble could be very easily obviated if those who war for the principles and precepts of the Spirit would only surrender, and compromise - agree to disagree, but in the very nature of things this cannot be done. God has not ordered it so. He has arranged it so that His servants will “Earnestly contend for the faith;” that they will not give up their fidelity to God’s word, either in word or deed, therefore as long as there exist two conflicting forces, which will be as long as the present unbridled condition of things lasts, there will be the much tribulation through which the “few” out of the “many” who are called will, as Jehovah’s chosen ones, enter into that rest which remains for the children of God. Then:


Oft in danger, oft in woe,

Onward; brethren, onward go!

Fight the fight, maintain the strife,

Strengthened with the bread of life.


Onward then, in battle move!

More than conqueror ye shall prove;

Though opposed by many a foe,

Christ’s true soldiers, onward go.


Thomas Williams