Given for the purpose of assisting those who may be
perplexed and troubled by present world conditions, to find
a solution to their problems in the TRUTH revealed by God 
in the Bible.

Adopted from Ten Radio Addresses given by
O.L Dunaway and printed into pamphlet form.  Some 
minor changes have been made in grammar and current events 
to make these addresses suitable  for internet use.    


1.  Does the Bible offer a Remedy for a World in Distress?
God's Purpose  / God's Ruler  / Christ's First Coming  / Christ's 
Second Coming  / How Can Any Once Know That Christ Is Coming Back
To Earth?  /  The Manner Of His Coming  /  When Is He Coming?  /  The
Good News Of The Kingdom Of God

2.  The Gospel  
The Gospel  /  The Name of Jesus Christ

3.  The Millennium  

4.  The Resurrection, Old Testament  

5.  The Resurrection, New Testament  

6.  Does Man Possess An Immortal Soul,  
     Or Does He Obtain Immortality From God?  

7.  Hell  

8.  The Devil  
Is the Devil a Fallen Angel?  /  Was Lucifer the Devil?  /  
The Devil- Who Is He?  Was He Created?  

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Republic, Missouri

"But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD."  
Numbers 14:21