A Summary of Doctrines
Christadelphians Believe and Teach
1.   That the Bible is the only source now extant of knowledge concerning God and His purpose, and it was given wholly by the unerring inspiration of God in the writers, and that such errors as have since crept in are due to transcription of translation.

2.   That there is but ONE God, the Father, dwelling in heaven, who, out of His own underived energy created heaven and earth, and all that in them is. 

3.   That Jesus Christ is the Son of God (not "God the Son," a phrase not found in Scripture), begotten of the virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit.

4.   That God is omnipresent by means of His spirit flowing out from His personal presence.  This spirit power is universal in upholding all things in the natural world.  For the performance of work that is supernatural and sacred the same spirit by        speacial concentration of the Divine Will becomes Holy Spirit for the holy or sacred work determined to be done.

5.   That man is mortal; a creature of the dust.  Immortality is not a present possession, but will be bestowed upon the worthy at the resurrection.

6.   That man in death is unconscious, and depends upon a resurrection for a future life.

7.   That death came into the world through he disobedience of one man, "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned." (Rom. 5:12)

8.   That as death came into the world through sin, it can only be abolished through the righteousness of one (Christ) who was raised up in the condemned race of Adam, in the line of Abraham and David, who through wearing the condemned nature was to     obtain a title to resurrection by perfect obedience, and by dying abrogate the law of condemnation for HIMSELF, and all who should believe and obey him.

9.   That at the appearing of Christ prior to the establishment of the Kingdom, his servants (faithful and unfaithful), dead and living of both classes, will be summoned before his judgment seat "to be judged according to their works,"  "and receive in body according to what they have done, whether it be good or bad."

10.  That the gospel concerns the "Kingdom of God" (for the establishment of which Christ taught his disciples to pray, and of which the prophet Daniel says, "the God of heaven shall set up"), and the "Things Concerning the Name of Jesus Christ," a knowledge and adherence to which are necessary for salvation.

11.  That the Kingdom when established will be the kingdom of Israel restored, in the territory it formerly occupied, viz., the land bequeathed to Abraham and his seed (the Christ), by covenant.

12.  That baptism into the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, after a knowledge of God's plan, and a faithful walk therein, is essential to salvation.

13.  In addition to the above twelve doctrines it should be recognized that Christadelphians believe that the Commandments of Christ must determine our behavior and attitudes in all aspects of our lives, and we stress that it is increasingly needful to be governed by them in these perilous last days of gross immorality.  We therefore recommend that all brethren of Christ give attention to these commandments and consistently use them as their standard of conduct.

This web site is provided by the Republic, Missouri  Unamended Christadelphian Ecclesia.  Our primary purpose is to assist those seeking information in relation to "The Things Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ" as revealed in the entirety of Scripture and that which was believed, taught and practiced by the Apostles.
"But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD." - Numbers 14:21
Republic, Missouri
"For the Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain" 
Acts 28:20